Sadyr Japarov opens new border post in Tyup district

The President of the Republic emphasised that border guards will serve on a complex section of the border.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov opened a new Chaar-Kuduk border post during his working trip to Issyk-Kul Region, the press office of the President of the Republic reports the details.

This post was built in the Karkyra locality of Tyup district and equipped for comfortable living and military service to protect remote sections of the border.

Its main task is to monitor foreign and domestic tourist traffic and ensure effective border control and security at the entrance to the Uch-Suu, Kichi-Chon-Zhynalach and Turuk pastures. The post is located at an altitude of 2,280 metres above sea level and affiliated with the Karkyr border guard department. As reported, this remote section of the border is quite complex.

President Japarov highlighted the need to observe service discipline and military etiquette and adhere strictly to the duties.

31 10 2023, 07:26
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