Drones help extinguish forest fires in Kazakhstan

The Government of the Republic discussed new measures to fight fires.

The Commission on Digitalization of Kazakhstan discussed new measures to fight forest fires. It was headed by Prime Minister of the Republic Alikhan Smailov, the press office of the Government reports.

The main ideas included the launch of an early forest fire detection system, which would allow quickly detecting fires and transmitting data to the authorities. As part of the system, it is planned to use round-the-clock video monitoring and a network of smoke detectors in the territory of the state forests, national parks, nature reserves and specially protected areas.

It is also planned to use unmanned aerial vehicles to coordinate actions to localize and extinguish fires, as well as to develop evacuation routes, search and rescue victims.

In August, the Government allocated more than 633 million tenge from the reserve funds to purchase 71 UAVs and 12 spillway control devices for the units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

25 09 2023, 15:06
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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