Chairman of Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan expresses dissatisfaction with behavioural practices in Bishkek

Akylbek Zhaparov specified what measures should be taken in the capital.

Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Akylbek Zhaparov emphasised the need to reset behavioural norms in public places in Bishkek, Sputnik Kyrgyzstan reported the details.

At the beginning of his speech about behaviour in Bishkek, Zhaparov recalled the advice of the Rector of his university. When Zhaparov was a first-year student, students were reminded to respect others: wear clean clothes and shoes and not enter public transport wearing dirty clothes.

The Chairman said an atmosphere in which people would feel comfortable in the capital city should be restored. The ban on the sale of sunflower seeds and samsa on the central city streets needs to be thought out.

Zhaparov emphasised the need to enhance public safety, improve the urban environment and form urban aesthetics in Bishkek. He also cited as an example the successful experiences of other countries, where visitors to public events do not throw garbage on the streets but put it into trash bins.

20 02 2024, 08:51
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