Kazakhstan may launch flights to Turkestan and Shymkent from Petropavlovsk

These destinations are very popular in the summer.

Minister of Transport of Kazakhstan Marat Karabaev promised to consider launching flights from Petropavlovsk to Turkestan and Shymkent during his working trip to North Kazakhstan Region, the press office of the Ministry of Transport of Kazakhstan reports.

The issues under discussion at the meeting included the launch of flights from Petropavlovsk to Turkestan and Shymkent. Karabaev noted that this issue is not being considered now, since even a flight to Astana does not pay off. However, if there is a demand among local populations, the possibility of subsidizing this flight could be considered.

According to local residents, these destinations will be very popular in the summer: children go on guided tours to these cities.

The Minister said the Republic has a practice of launching subsidized flights for a few months. The same can be done with the flight from Petropavlovsk to Turkestan – it can be launched in the summer.

18 12 2023, 07:50
Photo source: gov.kz

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