Emomali Rahmon orders Internet in Tajikistan be more affordable and faster

Measures will be taken to improve Internet connection, including in hard-to-reach regions.

On the instructions of President Emomali Rahmon, the Communication Service will take measures to provide a high-speed Internet connection throughout Tajikistan, including in remote regions. Furthermore, the task is to make prices affordable.

According to the press office of the President of Tajikistan, the instructions were given at the government meeting on the social and economic development of the country in January 2024.

The Agency for Innovation and Digital Technologies was tasked to develop measures jointly with the relevant ministries to boost digital transformation in the social and economic sectors.

All measures are aimed at solving the problems and implementing the Medium-Term Digital Economy Programme until 2025. The main goal is to develop innovation, promote investment integration and strengthen the relationship between science and industry.

20 02 2024, 09:11
Photo source: president.tj

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