Tajikistan unveils its public debt load

The Republic fulfils its obligations to other countries in full.

At the beginning of the year, Tajikistan’s public debt stood at $3.6 billion. Minister of Finance of the Republic Fayziddin Kakhkhorzoda unveiled this figure at the press conference on the outcomes of the year, Sputnik reports.

Of this amount, $3.2 billion is an external debt, and $400 million is a domestic debt, Kakhkhorzoda said, stressing that the country keeps the external debt situation sustainable. Now it makes up about 27 percent of GDP. 

Tajikistan’s total public debt makes up about 30 percent of GDP. Last year, Tajikistan’s gross domestic product increased by more than 8 percent, reaching 131 billion somoni.

The Minister noted that Tajikistan fulfils its external financial obligations and has no outstanding debts to other organisations and states. In 2023, over $274 million has been allocated from the budget to repay the external debt.

19 02 2024, 07:53
Photo source: moliya.tj

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