President of Turkmenistan hears report on work done in Turkmenistan’s industrial and trade sectors

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Atdayev reported on the growth indicators and trade turnover during the regular government meeting.

On February 16, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Batyr Atdayev reported on the work done in the trade and business sectors and the performance indicators in the textile industry in January 2024, Turkmenistan: Golden Age reported.

The growth rate of trade turnover at the enterprises of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations stood at 106.1 percent and the production growth rate — 101.2 percent compared to 2023.

During the reporting period, the enterprises of the Ministry of Textile Industry produced cotton fabric by 100.6 percent, garments and knitwear by 103.4 percent and leather goods by 112.2 percent compared to the same period in 2023.

The Türkmenhaly State Association fulfilled the carpet production plan by 104.5 percent.

In January, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange held 26 trading sessions and registered 1,996 contracts.

The growth rate at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry stood at 105.7 percent during the reporting period.

In January, the agricultural production rate at the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs stood at 103.4 percent and the industrial production rate –104.6 percent.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov instructed the Deputy Chairman to keep control over the supply of consumer goods to the domestic markets and goods prices. The President gave Atdayev specific instructions on the performance indicators of the textile enterprises.

20 02 2024, 08:57
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