Turkmenistan increases investment in modernisation of oil and gas plants

An observer Ussa Ussaev emphasised the significant demand for Turkmen oil and gas products on world markets.

One of the main objectives of the Oil and Gas Industry Development Programme until 2030 is to increase petrochemical production to meet domestic needs and boost exports. Editor-in-Chief of Nebit-Gaz Newspaper Ussa Ussaev comments on the modernisation of this sector to CentralAsia.news.

“Substantial investment into modernisation of oil and gas plants made it possible to adopt advanced technologies, improve the quality of products and bring the oil refining depth to the best world practices. The implementation of these projects has given new impetus to trade and economic relations,” the expert emphasised.

Ussaev emphasised that Turkmen oil and gas products are currently in great demand on world markets. These include unleaded gasoline, aviation kerosene, technical kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating fuel, fuel oil, lubricating oils, polypropylene, light gas oil, petroleum electrode coke, liquefied gas, building bitumen and road bitumen.

The observer noted that the design capacity allows meeting the demand for hydrocarbon products in the internal market, as well as boosting hydrocarbon exports. Currently, Turkmenistan exports high-quality products of its petrochemical sector to Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Europe. This directly contributes to expanding trade and economic relations and increasing trade turnover.

“In general, cooperation in the oil and gas sector with the states of Central and South Asia and Europe helps enhance the export potential of the fuel and energy sector and the national economy in whole,” Ussa Ussaev concluded.

23 11 2023, 15:16
Photo source: CentralAsia.news

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