Russia builds new border post on Tajikistan-Afghanistan border

The RF Ambassador to Tajikistan attended the opening ceremony.

Russia completed the construction of a new border post on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border. The opening ceremony took place on October 16, the press office of the RF Embassy in Tajikistan reports.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Tajikistan Semyon Grigoriev took part in the opening ceremony. The RF Government funded the construction of the border outpost, which was named in commemoration of 25 border guards of Border Outpost 12 who died in 1993, repelling a terrorist attack from Afghanistan.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Semyon Grigoriev noted that the border outpost plays an important role in protecting and defending the strategic section of the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, which is the southern border of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). The Republic that has the longest border with Afghanistan is of great importance for ensuring important security of the Central Asian countries.

The participants of the ceremony visited legendary Border Outpost 12. The RF Ambassador to Tajikistan laid flowers at the memorial to the fallen border guards.

20 10 2023, 07:43
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