Kazakhstan has repelled more than 36 million cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure facilities

A radical group planned a terrorist attack in Kazakhstan this year.

On August 28, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev met with Chairman of the National Security Committee Yermek Sagimbayev, who informed the President about the work being done by the Committee and the plans for implementation of the President’s instructions, the Akorda Telegram channel reported.

Sagimbayev reported on the effective measures taken to detain a radical group that had planned terrorist attacks on the territory of Kazakhstan. 7 pre-trial investigations into terrorist acts have been ongoing since the beginning of the third quarter of 2023. 3 extremists received actual prison sentences during the reporting period.

Significant results in protecting state borders and combating illegal migration were shown. 4,257 violators were detained, and illegal movement of currency and goods worth more than 3.8 billion tenge was prevented.

More than 36 million cyber-attacks and 866 DDoS attacks on critical infrastructure facilities throughout the country were repelled.

Commenting on the report, Tokayev gave specific instructions to the national security agencies.

30 08 2023, 12:18
photo source: freepik.com / freepik

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