Minister of Health of Uzbekistan delivers speech at meeting of UN General Assembly

His speech focused on the fight against the pandemic.

Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Amrillo Inoyatov delivered a speech about the measures taken in the Republic to prevent the spread and fight COVID-19, as well as preparations for future pandemics at a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York, Sputnik reports.

Inoyatov put forward the proposals aimed to improve pandemic prevention and preparedness. He urged to learn how to fully control the coronavirus infection and conduct research to improve anti-epidemic measures. It is also important to study the secondary immune response and its ability to protect against reinfection.

The Minister highlighted the need to ensure long-term protection against mutated strains, determine the timing of vaccination of sick and recovered people and create new generation vaccines. The development of special prevention strategies during potential pandemics, which may be caused by less studied or unknown infections to science, should also be studied.

Inoyatov emphasised the importance of creating a virus and cell bank, studying natural reservoirs of potentially dangerous viruses and developing nanomedicine in virology. Uzbek scientists are ready for close cooperation in this area.

25 09 2023, 15:13
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