Turkmenistan’s role in global media environment discussed in Ashgabat

The event was aimed at popularising the achievements of Turkmenistan over the years of sovereign development and intensifying partnerships with foreign media.

On September 5, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan jointly with the national media agencies held the International Conference “Independent Turkmenistan in the Global Media Environment” at the Archabil Hotel in Ashgabat that marked the 31st anniversary of independence. The event was aimed at spotlighting and popularising the great achievements of the country over the years of independence and promoting interaction with foreign media partners, the Turkmenistan Today News Agency reported.

In their video messages, the heads and representatives of the major foreign news agencies, well-known electronic editions, television and radio companies and major international organisations and agencies shared their vision on the position of the independent neutral state in the world community, including its role on the global media platform. The foreign speakers included the TASS First Deputy General Director and the representatives of Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC, China Media Group, CGTN-Russian of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Russia Today TV Channel, Arts CommonWealth Magazine, Turkmenistan International Magazine and Uzbekistan National News Agency, among others.

The participants discussed key issues on the conference agenda and expressed their full readiness to further expand mutually beneficial partnerships, noting that where there are friendship and good relations, there is always an opportunity to exchange objective information and receive first-hand information.

07 09 2022, 08:40
Photo source: turkmenportal.com

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