Free coronavirus tests at Nur-Sultan Airport

A PCR test at the airport costs 9,000 tenge.

Henceforth, a coronavirus test can be performed at the international airport of the capital of Kazakhstan, the Nur-Sultan Airport reported on Instagram on January 8.

Everyone, whether it is a citizen of Kazakhstan, or a passenger who has arrived in the country, will have an opportunity to learn if they have COVID-19 coronavirus infection. It should be noted that tests are performed using the PCR-ELISA techniques on the GrinLab platform.

PCR tests at the airport cost 9,000 tenge. When conducting the procedure, a smear of biomaterial is taken from the mouth and nasopharynx and sent for analysis, while the person's identity is registered. The test results in the Russian and English languages are emailed the tested people within 12 hours.

The other service – the express test using the IFA technique costs 6,500 tenge. The test detects antibodies in peoples’ blood. When performing the procedure, a small dose of capillary blood is taken for analysis. The test results are ready in 15 minutes.

In their message, representatives of the air harbour of the capital city remind all those departing, seeing off and arriving in  Nur-Sultan that testing points are located in the left wing on the second floor of Terminal 2 of the airport.

10 01 2021, 17:43
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