Kyrgyzstan to pilot remote electronic voting

The Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan said the authorities of the Republic studied Russia’s practice and decided to use its technology.

Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan Nurzhan Shaildabekova held a meeting with participants of the youth electoral school to discuss the tasks of increasing voter turnout and introducing new technologies into electoral processes and elections in the Republic. She announced that Kyrgyzstan will pilot the remote electronic voting system in this year’s elections, the press office of the Secretariat of the IPA CIS Council reported.

Shaildabekova said Kyrgyzstan has studied and approved Russia’s electoral practice to pilot remote electronic voting in the country.

At the meeting with the young people, the CEC Chairperson discussed key aspects of the electoral reform that has been implemented in the country since 2013. She highlighted two important directions of reform: the introduction of biometric voter registration and the use of automated voting machines, noting that this will ensure transparent and free elections.

The employees of the Centre for Civic Education of the Central Election Commission demonstrated how an automated voting machine works. The young people participated in a «test vote» and counted ballots with the help of machines and manually.

The meeting took place under the cooperation programme between the International Institute for Monitoring Democracy Development of IPA CIS and the Central Election Commission aimed at improving electoral processes and elections in Kyrgyzstan.

25 06 2024, 08:38
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