Kyrgyzstan proposes two ways to enhance global food security

The issue was raised by Prime Minister Zhaparov at the WB and IMF Spring Meetings.

Chairman of the Government of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Zhaparov took part in the «Transition from Food Security Response to Food System Transformation» roundtable of the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF. He voiced Bishkek’s proposals to enhance global food security, the press office of the Cabinet of Ministers reported to

Noting that, first of all, the world economic community should remove barriers to trade and lift the bans on imports and exports of goods, Zhaparov emphasised that these problems negatively impact the food sustainability of small countries.

He highlighted the importance of transforming the agricultural and food systems of developing countries. This must be done to increase the competitiveness of countries against the backdrop of existing crises, he added.

Akylbek Zhaparov said the Kyrgyz authorities are planning to achieve food security in Kyrgyzstan within five years.

18 04 2023, 13:37
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