Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan criticizes Civil Aviation Agency for low productive efficiency

Torobaev said the Agency was among the state bodies with low productive efficiency in 2022.

On January 30, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic Bakyt Torobaev held a meeting on the work done in 2022 and the tasks set for 2023 at the State Civil Aviation Agency, the press office of the Government of Kyrgyzstan reports.

«The International Civil Aviation Organization highly evaluated the establishment of the State Agency. The leadership of the Republic has set the ambitious tasks for the newly established state body. The Agency is to develop small aviation, increase domestic and international flights, diversify air routes, create the business aviation market and set up an airline hub and an engineering and technical base,» Torobaev said.

The participants reported on the ongoing large-scale reconstruction of the Batken, Karakol and Tamchy airports and the replacement of the asphalt pavement of the airfields of the airports in Osh, Batken and Kazarman.

Commenting on the reports, Torobaev noted that the Agency was among the state bodies with low productive efficiency in 2022. He said the Agency works slowly and fails to implement the decisions and tasks set by the President and the Cabinet of Ministers.

01 02 2023, 09:25
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