Kyrgyz celebrities to be jailed for advertising pyramid schemes

This rule will come into force after amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic are adopted.

The Committee on Law and Order, Combating Crime and Counteraction to Corruption of the Jogorku Kenesh held a meeting in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The participants discussed the draft law on amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic, initiated by a parliamentarian Shairbek Tashiev, the press office of the Parliament reported to

In accordance with the draft law, bloggers, activists, public figures and famous personalities will be held criminally liable for advertising dangerous financial products, particularly financial pyramids.

A representative of the prosecutor’s office noted that the supervisory authority supports the concept of the draft law. He emphasised that the document need to be adjusted before the second reading. The importance of conducting a proper investigation was emphasised.

The background statement for the draft law states that most of citizens of Kyrgyzstan are economically and legally illiterate, that’s why they invest their savings in financial pyramids after watching celebrities in such advertisements.

26 01 2023, 09:23
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