Kyrgyz authorities predict surge in coronavirus cases

The Ministry of Health advises to wear medical masks in crowded places.

On August 3, Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic chaired a regular meeting of the Task Force to Combat Coronavirus on the current epidemic situation and the progress of the vaccination campaign in the country, the press office of the Government of Kyrgyzstan reports.

“According to WHO, over the coming months, countries may experience a series of waves of SARS-CoV-2 cases, hospital admissions and deaths, which may or may not be accompanied by the outbreaks of influenza and other respiratory infections, for example, respiratory syncytial virus infections,” Baisalov said.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is no alarming increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Kyrgyzstan. However, the Ministry calls on citizens of the country to wear masks in crowded places.

Following the meeting, Edil Baisalov gave specific instructions to the relevant departments to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Republic.

05 08 2022, 11:59
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